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About Us
Mission Statement

“Bringing People Home” is New Hope’s mission statement.

We bring hope, stability and education for better self-sufficiency and new lives, as well as an
affordable place to live for Yolo’s most vulnerable, including our youth, former foster youth,
working families, seniors, veterans, farmworkers, the homeless and disabled.

Working together, we have the power to say to every family “Welcome Home, Yolo!"

Background Statement
New Hope Community Development (NHCDC) is dedicated to improving the quality of life to
underserved communities through affordable housing, educational enrichment and economic
empowerment throughout the County of Yolo. Housing is provided by NHCDC and its partners
in Woodland, West Sacramento, Davis, Winters, Esparto, Yolo, Knight's Landing, Dunnigan,
Madison and Dixon.

By providing year-round housing and family self-sufficiency programs, New Hope CDC, and its
partners have a proven track record of supporting our “invisible Americans,”- those who are
hardworking, but who still struggle to maintain decent, affordable housing and enough income
to help their families thrive. We believe that offering a roof over someone’s head is a starting
point -but not enough.

As they say ‘teaching a man to fish” or offering programs, which lead a path to self-sufficiency,
is a balanced approach to promoting empowerment and creating a plan for the future. Though
vital, our self-sufficiency program’s funding has unfortunately been drastically cut over the
years, leading us to scramble to maintain programming in its basic form.

With your help, we aim to revitalize funding for this very effective program, to maximize support
for our struggling families.

We invite all who share in the passion of our mission to become a part of our community safety-
net by participating in our programs through volunteerism, services, monetary donations, or by
serving as partners with us in the development and implementation of our programs.

Needs Statement
Monetary support to expand youth education & enrichment programs, activities & family  self-
sufficiency programs at each of our housing sites, to over 500 families & their children.  
Our focus is to re-open the Computer Learning Centers at 5 locations after
budget cuts closed the centers 3 years ago.  The highest need is at our West
Sacramento Site! Support youth in need of homework clubs, internet access,
educational development & safe after-school activities!

Our youth benefit from educational, arts &
sports activities, which promote literacy (3rd
grade reading levels by 8 years of age),
stability & empowerment. These programs
offer safe activities after school, during the
holidays & the summer months. Youth
Services offered are Co-Ed Summer Soccer
League, Computer Learning Centers
(homework clubs, internet access, reading
and educational development), Summer
Meals, a community based Art Center
operated by the Chicano/a Studies Dept. at
UC Davis, Girls Club, a Mexican dance &
music group, a Boxing Center, 4-H

Adults/seniors benefit from access to 1)
workforce planning such as computers for job
search, job training, computer & English
literacy/education, 2) health/wellness such as
health & dental screenings, exercise &
nutrition 3) family stability such as crisis
management,socialization &
family/neighborhood activities; 4) volunteerism
such as community awareness & safety teams
5) basic needs such as meals to seniors, food
drives, community potlucks.  All served benefit
from counseling & support services &
specialized groups for families, girls, teens,
parenting & drug/alcohol issues.