Youth Services
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Youth Services
Success Story:
An 8 year old boy who began attending the Computer Learning Center in Woodland last year,
was a very shy, quiet child who would not engage with the other children or in the CLC activities.
A year later, he is now answering questions, is much more outgoing and has increased his
reading and writing capacity and grades. His regular attendance at the CLC and extra support
from the Coordinator, has him journaling daily and reading aloud to others
       Seamless Summer Meals
  • 975 lunches served
  • USDA
  • YCH/New Hope
              Computer Learning Centers
  • Provide educational enhancement, after-school curriculum   
    & homework assistance
  • Offers access to computers & internet
  • Over 8,000 Youth Visits Annually
          Intramural Co-ed Summer Soccer League
  • Enhances physical fitness
  • 10 Teams - 2 Playing levels - 8-12 year olds & 13-17 year olds
  • Keeps youth engaged when school is out
  • Family Friendly